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  • Welcome to the Sisters of Sound blog!!

    Welcome Sisters of Sound followers and lovers of music!  We are Sarah and Leah, owners of Sisters of Sound record store in Manhattan, KS.  Isn't this kickass?!! We have a blog! Now you can keep up with us, our store, our records, and Manhattan's local music scene.  Awesome!!!!!!!  

    For our first post I wanted to explain how we got to this blog space! The past few weeks, I have been working with these cool kids from JNT Company, an interactive web and marketing company, here in Manhattan, KS. Originally they approached me a few weeks ago and asked if the store wanted to participate in their summer internship program. I figured, why not?! This team of three college students assigned to me were going to do some marketing research and present me with information and ideas for the store. The team, first, stopped by the store to meet me, listen to records, and check the place out. It was cool. Then they went off and did research and presented their results this week! I learned about some cool ways to promote the store. Stay tuned for those upcoming events and promotions!!

    Last but not least, the team set up this badass website! Check it out at !!